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01 April 2016 @ 10:20 pm
Title: He's My Lawyer
Characters: Dan Norton, Benjamin Linus, Hugo "Hurley" Reyes, Carmen Reyes, David Reyes
Rating: T
Status: Complete
Length: 5757 words

Dan Norton never gets enough appreciation for being Benjamin Linus's lawyer. But the day Ben walked into Agostini and Norton was the luckiest day of Dan's life. Or so it seemed at the time.

Chapter 1: Son of the Old Sod
Chapter 2: A New Client
Chapter 3: The Way Back

21 February 2015 @ 11:23 pm
Pair: Hurley/Claire
Characters: Hugo Reyes, Claire Littleton, Jack Shephard, ensemble
Genre: Slow-build Romance
Rating: M
Notes: WIP, canon-divergent

After the Oceanic 815 crash, Jack told Hurley to stay with Claire. In this retelling, Hurley does just that, and they fall in love. Also, people talk to each another more. And a lot less people die.

Chapter 1: Stay with Her
Chapter 2: The Child Awakes
Chapter 3: Death Comes for the Marshal
Chapter 4: Heart Line
Chapter 5: Works of Mercy
Chapter 6: Time Bombs of Responsibility
Chapter 7: Sing Hallelujah
Chapter 8: The Butterfly Effect
Chapter 9: You Can Relax Now
Chapter 10: Moonflower
Chapter 11: A Knife in the Dark
Chapter 12: Numerology
Chapter 13: Kiss Paradise Goodbye
Chapter 14: Bamboo and Water
Chapter 15: Garden of Earthy Delights
Chapter 16: Princess in a Tower
Chapter 17: The Red Tent
Chapter 18: Painted Faces and Long Hair
Chapter 19: A Balm in Gilead
Chapter 20: Close Encounters
Chapter 21: Harvest Home
Chapter 22: Fail-Safe
Chapter 23: Candle in the Wind

10 January 2015 @ 08:05 pm
Title: The Ballad of Ben and Annie
Pairing: Ben/Annie
Characters: Benjamin Linus, Annie, Roger Linus, Horace Goodspeed, Ethan Rom, Richard Alpert, Charles Widmore, Jacob
Rating: T
Length: 10883 words
Status: Complete

Summary: She was the light of his dark childhood, until she disappeared. Then she returned, promising love in the midst of war.

Chapter 1: The Hollow Men (4522 words)
Chapter 2: Deliberate Disguises (3944 words)
Chapter 3: Cactus Land (2417 words)

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23 November 2014 @ 09:27 pm
Title: Briars Round the Heart
Pairing: Ana Lucia Cortez/Libby Smith
Characters: Ana Lucia Cortez, Libby Smith, Cindy Chandler, Mr. Eko, Hugo "Hurley" Reyes
Rating: M
Length: 8851 words
Status: WIP
Notes: Romance, drama

Summary: Ana Lucia may be the one Libby's been looking for all this time. But Ana's preoccupation with revenge may drive them apart.

Chapter 1: "Love"
Chapter 2: "Interlude"
Chapter 3: "Revelation"

Also, some notes on this story.

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02 October 2014 @ 04:02 pm
Title: To the Lighthouse
Pairings: Hurley/Claire, Jack/Kate
Characters: Hugo Reyes, Jacob, Jack Shephard, Kate Austen
Rating: T
Length: 1202 words
Status: Complete
Notes: One-shot, set in 6x05 "Lighthouse."

Summary: Hurley meets an unexpected visitor on the road to the Lighthouse.

(To the Lighthouse)

02 October 2014 @ 03:46 pm
Title: Hold Me
Pairing: Hurley/Danielle
Characters: Hugo Reyes, Danielle Rousseau, Shannon Rutherford
Rating: T
Status: One-shot, complete
Length: 1717 words
Notes: Romance, fluff, a little angst, set during "Numbers" 1x18
This was my first LOST fanfic.

Summary: Danielle gives Hurley the battery, and a little something extra besides. Set in "Numbers."

(Hold Me)

22 September 2014 @ 07:44 am
Pairings: Hurley/Claire, Kate/Sawyer
Characters: Hugo "Hurley" Reyes, Benjamin Linus, Desmond Hume, Claire Littleton, Kate Austen, James "Sawyer" Ford, Rose Nadler, Bernard Nadler, Carole Littleton, Aaron Littleton, Background & Cameo Characters, Original Non-Human Characters
Rating: M
Status: Complete
Notes: Fantasy and supernatural elements. Think American Gods on the Island.

Summary: Hurley is now Protector of the Island, while Claire, Kate, and Sawyer head back to our world. But when it comes to love, the Island has a way of getting you where you need to be.

On fanfiction.net

On Archive of our Own

Chapter 1: The New Jacob
Chapter 2: Roses in December
Chapter 3: Flight of the Phoenix
Chapter 4: Welcome to Tarawa
Chapter 5: Vigil at the Beach
Chapter 6: Jack is Laid to Rest
Chapter 7: The Monster in the Mirror
Chapter 8: The Lighthouse
Chapter 9: In the Shadow of the Statue
Chapter 10: Everybody Loves Miles
Chapter 11: What Happens in Moloka'i Stays in Moloka'i
Chapter 12: Beach Party at the End of the Universe
Chapter 13: Thirty Years and a Death
Chapter 14: On the Road
Chapter 15: What Happened to Claire
Chapter 16: Welcome to New Otherton
Chapter 17: Moonlit Answers
Chapter 18: The Phoenix Risen
Chapter 19: Whispers of Xanadu
Chapter 20: Ordinary Eternal Machinery
Chapter 21: Homeward Bound
Chapter 22: Setting Sail
Chapter 23: Enchanting Topanga Canyon
Chapter 24: Claire's Diary, Part One
Chapter 25: Hugo Breaks the Guns
Chapter 26: Claire's Diary, Part Two
Chapter 27: Claire's Diary, Part Three
Chapter 28: The Door in the Wall
Chapter 29: Reunited
Chapter 30: Sunrise, Sunset
Chapter 31: Lantern Waste
Chapter 32: Claire's Diary, Part Four
Chapter 33: The Two Towers
Chapter 34: Fishertown
Chapter 35: Good News and Bad
Chapter 36: A New Hope
Chapter 37: Walmart After Dark
Chapter 38: Someone Who Loves You
Chapter 39: Memento Mori
Chapter 40: The Tarot Game
Chapter 41: Motel 8
Chapter 42: Tales of Brave Ulysses
Chapter 43: The Dance of Venus
Chapter 44: The Path of the Beam
Chapter 45: Mai Tais and Cannonballs
Chapter 46: Bride of Flowers
Chapter 47: Deo ex Equo
Chapter 48: Into the Mystic
Chapter 49: The Road to Shambhala
Chapter 50: Farewell to the Jedi

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05 September 2014 @ 05:38 pm
Title: Scars
Fandom: LOST
Pairing: Hurley/Claire
Characters: Hugo "Hurley" Reyes, Claire Littleton
Rating: M (for erotic and emotional adult situations)
Length: 2620 words
Status: One-shot, Complete

Summary: Everyone has scars, and Hurley and Claire share the stories of theirs. Love, sensuality, and self-acceptance, set after "The End."

(A/N: Many thanks to inlaterdays for beta-ing.)


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Title: Legion of One
Length: 15905 words
Characters: Hugo "Hurley" Reyes, Dave, James "Sawyer" Ford, The Man in Black, Original Characters
Rating: T
Notes: Set in Season 2; Supernatural & fantasy elements

Summary: A dark power takes over Hurley, leading him to think that he's losing his mind once more.

Chapter 1: The Last Daimon
Chapter 2: My Friend Dave
Chapter 3: You Can't Spell Island Without LSD
Chapter 4: Hugo in the Sky with Diamonds
Chapter 5: Screwtape Proposes a Bargain

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Title: Girl Scout Camp
Length: 7946 words
Characters: James "Sawyer" Ford, Libby Smith, multiple original female characters, mention of Charlie Pace, Hugo "Hurley" Reyes, Claire Littleton
Rating: T
Notes: Set immediately after “Fire+Water,” 2x12.
Status: Two-shot, Complete.

Summary: Sawyer calls the castaways who live on the fringe of beach camp life "The Girl Scouts." This is their story.

Chapter 1: The Fire at the Edge of the Forest (4190 words)
Chapter 2: Come the New Moon, We are Gone (3756 words)